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    Toad Rock Merchandise

    Toad Rock MerchandiseHere’s your source for the one and only Toad Rock Gear!

    If you can’t stop by, you can order your gear by emailing order@toadrockcampground.com

    Available in sizes Small, Medium, Large, X Large, and 2X Large. All gear is in black only. Prices as follows:

    • M’s and W’s Sleeveless Tanks – $30.00 CAD
    • Short Sleeved T Shirts – $30.00 CAD
    • Long Sleeved T Shirts – $40.00 CAD
    • Fleece Vests – $60.00 CAD
    • Zipped Hoodies – $60.00 CAD
    • Dickie’s Long Sleeved Shirts – $60.00
    • Short Sleeved Mechanix Shirts – $45.00